Redhill Garden Community relaunched as Lysander Park

Redhill Garden community has been relaunched as Lysander Park. As the project evolves and our vision for delivery of this exciting new community develops, it was realised that ‘Redhill Garden Community’ no longer encompassed or conveyed the character and nature of this epic venture.

Drawing on our dialogue with the existing local community, it became clear that our considerations of the aerodrome’s history needed to be recognised in the naming of its regeneration. Acknowledging and appreciating the heritage of the site is just as important as creating the aerodrome’s exciting future.

In the Second World War, Number 16 RAF squadron were based at Redhill Aerodrome. Their task was to support ground units with reconnaissance, message-dropping and artillery-spotting sorties. The Westland Lysander was chosen as the perfect aircraft for the crucial role of ‘co-operation and liaison’.

The dictionary tells us that ‘liaison’ is ‘communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.’

And, just like the aircraft’s key wartime role, Lysander Park in Redhill will build a vibrant prosperous new community in the spirit of cooperation and liaison.