Gatwick Diamond

The Gatwick Diamond Economic area has a GVA of £24bn, accounting for 10% of the Southeast region and the second highest in the United Kingdom, after the Thames Valley.

At £63,500, Gatwick Diamond workers are 16% more productive than the UK economy as a whole. 70% of Gatwick Diamond businesses are in the knowledge intensive services business sectors, a vital component of the British economy. Other key sectors are international medical device exports £600m from Manor Royal and defence (Thales).

The Gatwick Diamond economy has been successful in attracting foreign investment with 18.5% of its workers employed by a foreign owned company. New business creation is high at 67 businesses per thousand, considerably higher than the UK Average.

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If growth is not to be constrained, it is essential the area maintains an adequate supply of flexible employment land / space – in the right place – with new infrastructure, health care and affordable housing, offering a work / life balance and a quality of life.

If we are to maintain the adequate supply of skilled staff, and increasingly importantly retain our higher skilled and younger workers, to sustain the Gatwick Diamonds post Brexit, then Lysander Park is the Diamond’s best proposition for the future.

Lysander Park with its integrated infrastructure, healthcare, schooling, housing and modern flexible business space – plus its connectivity – offers the ideal location and opportunity.


A link road directly from the M23 will free business, emergency service and commuter traffic from being delayed at peak times intermingled with local and traffic destined for the UK’s second business airport.

Lysander Park has direct rail links to London that will offer seamless connections to CrossRail 1 and CrossRail 2. The CrossRail projects offer destinations to the Oxford / Cambridge arc, Heathrow Airport and the Thames Valley all on a modern rail service. Thameslink offers direct service to London St. Pancras International and Eurostar connections to continental Europe, Belgium, France, Holland and Germany.

With a fast Busway delivering travellers to Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal in around 10 minutes, the potential of low cost business travel to markets in the Americas, Asia, the Middle and the Far East will be vital for the Diamond as we look to develop new markets for British goods and service exports post Brexit.

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