Your health and the health of your family is the most important factor in your long-term happiness

That’s why we’ve signed up to NHS England’s Healthy Town Programme, putting a healthy lifestyle at the heart of our design. Sports and recreation play a strong part in this. With large swathes of green open space, trim trails and sports facilities to enjoy, Lysander Park will provide for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Family of Four Walking in Green Space
Watercolour of hospital internal at East Surrey
Doctor examining a child

It’s not just about recreation. We’ll be providing a new primary care hub, joining up GP surgery facilities with front line care services to support the community and reduce reliance on the facilities at East Surrey Hospital. We’ll also be investing in new facilities at East Surrey Hospital to allow the medical teams to continue to deliver quality patient care for new and existing residents.

When emergencies happen, the new M23 / A23 link road will make access to the hospital for patients and care teams quicker. A new, dedicated air ambulance facility will be provided as part of the scheme, so they can be there quickly when you need them most.

Lysander Park will be a community designed to support all ages. We’re looking at ways to better care for and support older people, with new technology designed to provide peace of mind and important medical services when they are needed. Homes will be provided across the scheme that can be adapted for those with lower mobility, supporting residents across their lifetime.

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By respecting the legacy of the past and understanding the needs of the East Surrey community of the
present, we can realise an integrated placemaking vision of the future.

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