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A message from our Group Managing Director

Here at Thakeham, we pour our heart and soul into everything we do. From start to finish, the needs of the communities we serve define our purpose.

As Lysander Park takes shape, we’ll continue to listen to authorities, homeowners, businesses and residents.

From our discussions, we already know how you feel about the way your community should look. You’ve told us your wishes for improvements to local amenities and we appreciate the crucial importance you rightly place on green spaces, health, education and transport infrastructure.

When you take a closer look at our plans, you will notice how your feedback has shaped the vision.


But, in our dialogue with local people, one thing came through above all others; the significance of community.

As a father myself, I know the important role families and friends play in the fabric of our evolving communities. We chat at school gates; exchange stories at social gatherings and share opinions and ideas about the moments that matter most to us all.

It is the responsibility of every developer to make better places that nurture that community passion; and engage in a way that fuels and fulfills the ambitions and aspirations of every homeowner.

It’s a responsibility everyone at Thakeham relishes.

We believe that, in years to come, Lysander Park will be upheld as a national blueprint for best-in-class placemaking. We hope you will be able to join us on the journey.

Rob Boughton
Group Managing Director, Thakeham

Why Lysander Park?

It is important that the future of the site reflects the legacy of the past.

In the Second World War, Number 16 RAF squadron were based at Redhill Aerodrome. Their task was to support ground units with reconnaissance, message-dropping and artillery-spotting sorties.

The Westland Lysander was chosen as the perfect aircraft for the crucial role of ‘co-operation and liaison’.

The dictionary tells us that ‘liaison’ is ‘communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organisations.’

Just like the aircraft’s key wartime role, Lysander Park in Redhill will build a vibrant prosperous new community in the spirit of cooperation and liaison.

Read more about the history of Redhill Garden Village and how it became Lysander Park.


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By respecting the legacy of the past and understanding the needs of the East Surrey community
of the present, we can realise an integrated placemaking vision of the future.

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