Redhill Garden Village

The history of Redhill Garden Village, now Lysander Park

Redhill Garden Village

The Redhill Garden Village story began in 2017, when local councillors sought a local response to meet Government targets on much-needed affordable homes in Surrey and the South East.

It was acknowledged that previous scattergun development in the region couldn’t keep pace and adds sporadic demands on infrastructure.

Tandridge Council included Redhill Aerodrome on a five-strong shortlist for a village development. Planners believed that a new Surrey village was better than “scatter-gunning” house developments and cramping the current infrastructure.

Speaking to the BBC at the time, Councillor Fisher said: “The key is infrastructure. If you do the scattergun approach you may put 300 houses somewhere and that might deliver you half an extra classroom.

“Whereas if you put 4,000 house in a new village you can actually plan the proper infrastructure in for the village [and] it’s relieving the pressure on the health centres and the schools in other parts of the district.”

Redevelopment Focus

The redevelopment of Redhill Aerodrome into a Garden Village will provide approximately 6000 to 8000 much-needed new homes for the local area.

The housing, infrastructure and facilities inspired by key aims described by Healthy Towns and Active Design.

Education from early years through to secondary school will be provided in the village, a very real benefit for the local community.

New homes for people at all stages of their lives – starter homes, family homes and retirement homes.

These new homes will have gardens or an outdoor space, and be close to natural green spaces – just like the best Surrey towns and villages. New homes and communities that are about people – not houses.

Secret Garden
Watercolour of community space at lysander park

Thakeham plans affordable Redhill Housing

In 2017, South East property developer Thakeham drew up plans to create a village community – Redhill Garden Village – which inspired a true sense of belonging.

Thakeham has a proven track record for creating and improving communities in every way. All their new communities bear this out. And Redhill Aerodrome will be no exception.

The plans for Redhill Garden Village offered Homeowners a healthy town for active lives, building build a better future for all residents.

Redhill is a unique sustainable site with unrivalled potential to create a new community for Redhill.

The plans included:

  • Far-reaching logistical benefits on local infrastructure including a new link road and a motorway junction.
  • Crucial local amenities like the East Surrey Hospital will be more accessible than ever before.
  • A new focus on Health and Sustainable Transport
  • Cyclists’ and walkers’ needs will be another focus for The Redhill site.
  • At every level, travel and movement other than by car a real alternative.
  • Insightful public transport connections will feature the latest in modern logistical technology to make Redhill one of the most sustainable living areas in the South East.

In 2019, Redhill Garden Village was renamed Lysander Park.

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